Adam Shreckhise

Sculptural Projects & Endeavours

PLAY Parlour (2012-13)

A collection of hand-built arcade games that is re-defining what it is to be an arcade.  PLAY Parlour pulls elements from classic arcades (pre-video) and carnival midways to create an … Continue reading

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PAM (Portrait of the Artist as a Machine) (2010-11)

PAM is a machine who makes paintings.  She operates by multiple series of switches and relays which are mechanically activated by various motors and solenoinds.  All these switch activators can … Continue reading

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PAM writing poetry (2012)

Configured as a poet, rather than a painter, for the 2012 DATA award ceremony, PAM used an array of solenoids positioned over a laptop’s keyboard to type.  Her poetry proved … Continue reading

The paintings of PAM (2011)

During her run working at the 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial, PAM created a body of work of around 90 different paintings.  Ranging in size from 4″x8″ up to 5 ft x … Continue reading

The pieces of PAM (2010)

The fledgeling idea for PAM to function as a painting machine was to continually change multiple lines of electricity (dc and ac): Flip their polarity; fluctuate them between on and … Continue reading

Empathy Implant (2008)

Created for the Mattress Factory Museum show, Meet the Made, in 2008, Empathy Implant is essentially an operating theatre where an older sculpture, Storyteller, is shown pulled apart and ‘implanted’ … Continue reading

Swinging Floor & Stairway (2005)

As part of a show about fear at Pittburgh’s Fe Gallery, this floor was suspended from the ceiling about 2 feet above the gallery’s floor.  Gallery-goers could walk onto the … Continue reading